Malane Shani

Life Coach Motivational Speaker Mentor



One of the keys to successful relationships

One of the  keys to a successful relationships is to focus internally and to build your energy and momentum from within.  Through self-awareness, self-love, and spiritual daily practices you can begin to get clearer and more authentic and attract people, places and things that are in alignment with your souls purpose.

Every relationship works

Every relationship works because each relationship we are in whether intimate, family or friends they teach us and help us grow, if we are open to moving forward and evolving to the next level.  Relationships also amplify those things inside of us that need to be healed.  Inside of relationships we have to decide if we will allow healing to take place or if we will miss the present opportunity by running away and shutting down emotionally.  If we choose to pass up the opportunity to heal we will still have to learn the lesson, so we repeat the same experience over and over again by having the same relationship with different people.  We must choose to accept the responsibility for our choices and for our own healing.

Self Awareness 

Push the release button

Self awareness creates lasting change.  You may know who you are but do you know how you are.  How  you are is a crucial key in living well.  If you are not self aware and you are allowing your emotional turmoil to control your life it is a tough road.  Learning how to push the release button rather than the panic button is key to a joy filled and purposeful life.  Being fully present in each moment allows us to experience each person, place and thing as it happens rather than creating the same experience with each person based on our past experiences.  This means we never fully participate in relationships even with new people.  We to busy having relationships with our pain rather than with our purpose or with people.  We pay close attention to how others are harming us but we lose site of the fact that we are harming ourselves more than anyone else can, which puts us in an unconscious agreement with those who we believe cause us harm. In a state of awareness we always know who we are dealing with and we can make better choices in the moment and create more healthy and harmonious relationships.

Find your strength

At times we are so preoccupied with the noise in our thoughts that we don't have the strength to be consistent with our goals and desires.  What we would like to accomplish takes over and consumes us so much that it literally paralyzes us into inconsistent actions and failure and then more noise.  Find the strength in your connections to spirit, quiet and stillness and move from that space of calmness and quiet that knows exactly what to do.

Do your work

Time for you to set yourself free from good and step into your greatness.  Instead of pressing your panic button when life gets challenging press the release button.  Release and let go of mediocrity, comfort and complacency and do the work in your life that is required to move you to the next level.  Only you can do what it takes to turn your life around.  Others can guide, support and inspire you but the work is yours to do.


Align your vibration

You are a vibrational transmitter, initially it is not about your action but your thoughts, feelings and emotions that creates and manifest your life.  You don't have to believe  or know how to get what you want,  you just have to align with the vibration of what you want to manifest it.