Malane Shani

Life Coach Motivational Speaker Mentor

Healing Spa & Life Center
at Results Central

Our Mission
The Healing Spa & Life Center creates a sacred space where you can take care of your mind, body, and spirit. This is the key to living a balanced, productive, and successful life.

Our professionally trained Life Coaches/Holistic Practitioners are available to give you the ultimate experience in life support, healing, wellness, and relaxation.


Malane Shani
Director for the Healing Spa & Life Center 
Life/Relationship Coach 
Holistic Practitioner

Human Design Consultations


Life/Relationship/Bereavement Coaching
Cellular Memory Releasing Sessions
Energy Healing & Stress Relief Sessions w/ Biomat
Human Design Consultations
Empowerment workshops at the Activate U Now University

All services available by appointment only.

Malane Shani
Healing Spa & Life Center Director

Results Central
2532 South Hairston Rd. Ste. H
Decatur, GA 30035